Boost Your Dental Health: 4 Cavity-Fighting Foods And Drinks To Add To Your Daily Diet

Posted on: 20 May 2015

Everyone knows that they need to brush and floss after they eat. Even when someone does this religiously, cavities, gum disease and other oral health problems can still be lurking around the corner. To help promote even better oral health, you may want to consider that there are foods and drinks out there that are actually good for your teeth. Here are four tooth-friendly beverages and foods that need to be a part of your diet now:

1. Milk

While it is true that milk contains more sugar than you should consume, especially at night, milk is an important part of a healthy diet. The calcium in the milk is what helps to promote the development of strong, healthy bones and teeth. Moreover, studies have shown that milk can reduce the damaging effect of cavity-causing foods. So, in other words, when you're eating something that is not good for your teeth, eat it along with a glass of milk to help limit the damage that is done.

2. Green Tea

Green tea contains certain molecules called catechins, which can help promote one's oral health. One study shows that individuals ages 40 to 64 who drank at least one cup of green tea each day were less at risk of losing their teeth. However, sugar can keep the tea from performing its function on promoting good dental health. So, instead of an apple, a cup of green tea may actually help keep the doctor away.

3. Cheese

Since it is also a dairy product, cheese is very similar to milk in terms of the properties that it contains. Cheese is able to increase calcium in the teeth, which helps protect them. In fact, cheese may have properties that help fight against cavities. One study shows that children between the ages of 12 and 15 were able to increase the pH level in their mouths, which thereby lowers the chance of cavities developing.

4. Raisins

Raisins may not be on everyone's list of favorite foods, but it may soon be something that people give a little more thought to in terms of their oral health. High in fiber, raisins contain a chemical known as oleanolic acid, which can help fight against certain plaque and help prevent the development of cavities and gum disease. However, keep in mind that raisins are highly acidic so they should be eaten in moderation – or before a glass of milk or piece of cheese.

In order for you to have good oral hygiene, you must take the steps necessary to promote such positive development. Make sure you're visiting your dentist regularly for cleanings and exams and make an appointment anytime you feel that is something is out of the ordinary. The sooner oral issues can be fixed, the better off you will be. For more dental tips, contact a company like Alegre Dental and Braces.