Customizing Dental Implants: How This Works And Why It's Not A Strange Request

Posted on: 10 January 2018

Okay, so, dental implants are fake teeth that are permanently installed in your mouth. Most dentists just create teeth to fit the holes and create them to look like the teeth that should have been in these open spaces. Yet, there are people who request customized dental implants. This seems really strange, considering that implants are already, technically, customized to fit your mouth. Here is more on this subject, how it works, and why it is not so strange a request as you might think.

Customized Implants

To customize an implant, a patient brings in a snapshot of how they want certain replacement teeth to look. Maybe they want canine teeth to look pointier, or maybe they want front teeth to look larger. Sometimes people bring in old photos of the teeth they used to have and they want implants to look exactly like the missing teeth so that no one close to them can tell that the implants are fakes. Such customization can be done, but then implants definitely fall under the cosmetic category of dentistry, and not the restoration category. You will pay a higher price for custom implants, too.

First Fit to Mouth, Then Custom-Shape

First, your dentist fits a mold or impression to the empty spaces in your mouth. This ensures that your implants will fit, regardless of the customization. Then your dentist creates the implants' basic shapes. Then the teeth that are to be shaped in a specific manner are shaped and/or copied from pictures provided. Finally, the implants are ready for your implant surgery (but only after you approve the customization work).

Why It Is Not So Strange a Request

Movie stars, specifically action heroes, often break a bone or lose a tooth while shooting a scene. People are used to seeing these stars with teeth that uniquely belong to the stars. Hence, the stars request that implants be made to look just like the teeth they have lost.

Since dental implants are already a cosmetic procedure, it only seems natural that you would see other people requesting customized implants. In fact, most people that have had implants placed in their mouths view custom implants no differently than shaping your nose or chin in a specific way. All other cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries are customized to fit with the patients' requests and idealistic expectations. Fake but permanent teeth should be no different than those surgeries.

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