Getting A Dental Crown Without Stressing Your Bank Account

Posted on: 29 June 2018

It's common knowledge that getting a dental crown can put a strain on your bank account. But a dental crown is truly the best way to preserve your natural tooth and keep your arches in their proper alignment. Fortunately, once you're equipped some money-saving knowledge, you can get the crown you need, without putting a major dent on your pocketbook.

Request Zirconia

Zironia is a specialized type of metal from the titanium family. These types of crowns are known for being incredibly durable, so you're less likely to break for chip them. While zirconia crowns are notoriously cheaper than porcelain or ceramic crowns, they're not as aesthetically pleasing. Zirconia crowns are light colored, but they're not as white and bright as porcelain or ceramic -- they might stand out a little more. If you need a crown on your back molar though, no one is going to notice anyway, so go ahead and save a few bucks with zirconia.

Ask for a Temporary Crown

With advancements in dental technology, your dentist can often make your permanent crown right in the office. As convenient as these same-day crowns may be, they do come at a higher price tag in many cases. If you want that same-day crown, but just have to wait until your next paycheck, see if you can get a temporary crown for the time being. Temporary dental crowns can last for several weeks, which can buy you a little more time to save up the funds for your new permanent crown.

Learn About Payments

Most dental practices offer some sort of financing options for patients who need costly dental work. But you have to qualify for the financing and agree to have the company run your credit (in most cases). Your dentist wants you to have a healthy smile and strives to give you payment options. If you can put up at least half of the cost of a crown up front, see if your dentist will let you make payments on the rest. If you agree to weekly or bi-weekly payments over the next couple of months, you might be able to do in-office financing and bypass a third-party company. You can also call your dental insurance company yourself to verify that you're getting the optimal coverage.

Talk with your dentist about your cost concerns when getting dental crowns. They might be able to offer additional solutions to help you get the crown you need, without emptying out your bank account.