Things You Can Tell About Your Dentist by Their Office

Posted on: 11 March 2019

Thinking of going to a new dentist? Check out their office first. You can learn a lot about your potential new dentist by taking a look around. Here are things you can tell about your dentist just by viewing their office.

Kid-friendly atmosphere

Does the dental office have a television with kid shows on it in the waiting room? Or do they have a separate area with a few toys and books for children to enjoy while waiting to see the dentist? If they don't, then the dental practice you are selecting likely caters to adults, which is fine for you if you don't have children or if you have a separate dentist for your kids.

If they do have a kid-friendly atmosphere, this is good news as well: this means when you do go to the dentist, the kids that are there will be less of a distraction because they have things to keep them entertained. If you have kids, a dental practice that has a kid-friendly waiting area is a plus for you.

Friendly staff

When you first walk in, are you greeted by a receptionist and asked if you need assistance? Or are you largely ignored by staff members that are busy with other patients or on the phone? Is the main front desk easy to see, or is it hidden at the back of the main lobby? You want a dentist who has a friendly and available set of staff members so you can be seen and helped as soon as you walk in and not left waiting to have to ask for assistance.

Relaxing lobby

Going to the dentist can be a stressful experience, especially if you are getting dental work done. You want to go to a dental office that is welcoming and relaxing with warm, soft lighting, light music and an otherwise quiet atmosphere, and comfortable chairs in a private setting where you can relax while you await your turn in the dentist's chair.

Some dental practices will even feature fish tanks or have water fountains or plants available as decor to help put their patients at ease. If you choose a dentist that keeps their practice calm, you know you will be treated with great care when you are being served as well.

Choosing a dentist can be made much easier when you examine the office before you make an appointment. The right dental practice will feel welcoming and put you and your family at ease.