Three Things To Avoid To Keep Your Teeth Looking Whiter

Posted on: 8 January 2015

Over the course of time your teeth can get progressively darker. This is the result of a variety of lifestyle choices that can stain your teeth and leave them looking worse for the wear over time. While you can always bleach your teeth to get them back to a beautiful white color, there are some things you can do to help them stay whiter for longer.

Avoid beverages that stain your teeth

One of the biggest problems that teeth have is that they are constantly exposed to drinks that can cause lasting damage. Tea, coffee, soda, and wine are all very hard on your teeth as a result of the different dyes, acids, and chemicals that are present in them. Even if they aren't dark colored, they still can damage the enamel and create etching in the surface of your teeth that allows other dark colored foods and bacteria to impact your teeth. 

While these are all very popular beverages, you can minimize their impact by drinking from a straw or following up your coffee or soda with a quick drink of water to help cleanse the surface of your teeth. While it seems counterintuitive, don't brush your teeth immediately after drinking these beverages as that can compound the issue and cause your teeth to decay quicker.

Avoid foods that stain your teeth

Foods can cause your teeth to get stained just as easily as beverages can. If you have a food that will stain clothes, it will likely contribute to staining your teeth. These foods that stain your teeth can include everything from soy sauce to blueberries. Additionally, suckers and other hard candies can be equally bad for your teeth due to the concentration of dyes in the candy.

As you would with a beverage, drink some water or other clear pH neutral beverage in order to minimize the long term effects of these foods.

Avoid poor air

Nicotine, tars, and smoke can all impact the color of your teeth. While this is most obvious with cigarettes and other tobacco products, the air you breathe can also impact your teeth. If you live in an area with a constant haze, that can also impact your teeth negatively. When you are living in an area with bad air, try to stay inside to minimize the impact of the pollutants on your teeth. You can also install HEPA filters and other products to improve the air in your house and car. These will help your health and also make it so your teeth stay whiter.

As you follow these tips you'll be able to go longer in between teeth whitening treatments and your teeth will look nicer for longer.