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How Long Does A Dental Implant Last?

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If you are not happy with how your teeth look, two options you’ll likely consider are veneers and dental implants. While veneers have their advantages, if you would like a much more long-term solution, dental implants are the way to go. For some patients, dental implants last for the rest of their lives. But do dental implants often last forever? Read on to find out how long dental implants can last and what can affect the their durability.  Dental Implants are Intended to a Lifetime Dental implants last much longer than any other...

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Three Things To Avoid To Keep Your Teeth Looking Whiter

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Over the course of time your teeth can get progressively darker. This is the result of a variety of lifestyle choices that can stain your teeth and leave them looking worse for the wear over time. While you can always bleach your teeth to get them back to a beautiful white color, there are some things you can do to help them stay whiter for longer. Avoid beverages that stain your teeth One of the biggest problems that teeth have is that they are constantly exposed to drinks that can cause lasting damage. Tea, coffee, soda, and wine are all...

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New Year’s Resolution: Take Care Of Your Teeth Through Lifestyle Changes

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The New Year is here and many people are reflecting upon the ways in which they can improve themselves in 2015. This year, make dental care your priority. While the most obvious way that you can care for your teeth may be to see the dentist every 6 months, there are many ways that you can take care of your teeth in 2015. These lifestyle changes will improve your dental hygiene, fight off gum disease and may even brighten your smile. Drink More Water Resolve to drink water at meals and throughout the day. Drinking water can improve your oral...

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