Common Myths And Notions Concerning Dental Care

Posted on: 10 July 2017

Dental misinformation can be extremely problematic as it can lead to individuals underestimating the threats that their teeth must face as well making it care decisions more difficult. Correcting the more common pieces of dental misinformation can be essential for enabling you to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

Myth: Sugar Is The Only Source Of Cavities

Cavities are among the most common and damaging issues that your teeth can experience. If cavities are left unaddressed, they can cause enough damage to require you to have the compromised tooth removed. Often, people will assume that sugar is the only cause of cavities. However, bacteria are actually the cause of cavities, and while sugar can be an effective food source for these organisms, it is not the only thing that will attract them. Essentially, any food particles that remain on the teeth can help to foster the growth of these bacteria. This makes it essential for you to thoroughly clean your teeth after each meal, regardless of the exact dish you consumed.

Myth: Home Whitening Kits Are Not Effective

Staining is a cosmetic problem that can make individuals embarrassed to smile. Unfortunately, staining is an unavoidable aspect of life as the pigments in foods, tartar, and plaque can gradually be absorbed by the teeth. This issue will allow the enamel of the teeth to become dull or discolored. Home whitening kits are an effective solution for addressing minor staining, but they will be unable to work on deep staining. To remove these stains, you should visit your dentist so that professional-strength whitening agents can be used to remove the deep stains from your teeth.

Myth: You Can Never Brush Your Teeth Too Much

While brushing your teeth at least twice a day is important for protecting them, there are some individuals that think that it is impossible to brush their teeth too much. Unfortunately, it can be possible for you to cause considerable dental issues with excessive brushing. Over time, this will start to wear down the gums, and this can expose the tooth to a higher risk of developing cavities, loosening, or becoming infected. When you brush your teeth, you will want to make sure to avoid using too much pressure as this can be one of the main causes of this problem. You may find that using a circular motion when you brush can allow you to thoroughly clean your teeth while using far less pressure.

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