Do You Need To Run To The Dentist? Here's How To Find Out

Posted on: 8 December 2017

Too many people make the mistake of not understanding just how important it is for them to get to the dentist as soon as they start to experience some dental issues. This is not to say that there are not issues that can wait, such as a small amount of cold sensitivity, but the following issues will need to be brought to the attention of your trusted dentist right away.

Your Tooth Is Throbbing From Pain

Okay, you might look in the mirror and expect to see your tooth actually throbbing but it will be stationary. It might feel as though the tooth is pulsating so much that you might only get some relief if it is completely removed from your mouth. It is unlikely that you will really have to go through that extreme in order to get some relief from the pain. Instead, you might simply have a very serious tooth infection which may require the use of antibiotics in order to get rid of the infection. Then, the dentist can drill, clean out, and patch your tooth with a filling.

You Can See Pus Coming Out

If you see any amount of pus making its way out of your tooth or the surrounding gum lines, you will want to make an immediate call to your dentist. This is very important because this is a sign of a very bad infection. As the infection grows, the pus will spread throughout your mouth and it might try to escape by finding a location it can come out of. However, this should never be taken as a sign that the infection has been dealt with, even if you cleaned out your mouth very well and you are no longer finding any pus. It is still an issue that needs the attention of a skilled dental professional.

When you are calling to schedule your appointment, it is important for you to make sure that you are taking some time to explain to the receptionist just what it is that you are going through. This way, they might be able to squeeze you in a little sooner if you are dealing with a serious issue. Otherwise, you might be instructed to keep calling back every day in hopes to see if there was a last minute cancellation from another patient. If there is, you might be able to have your appointment moved to that slot, which allows you to get the dental care you need a lot sooner. Contact a clinic, like All Valley Dental, for more help.