4 Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Teeth

Posted on: 11 March 2019

Nothing makes you look better than a bright, cheerful smile. Unfortunately, over time, accidents, decay, and natural yellowing can degrade the quality of your smile. You should know that cosmetic dentistry is an accessible, safe, and affordable way to improve the look of your smile. Here are four ways a cosmetic dentist can help you do this:

1. Replace old fillings and crowns.

Dental fillings used to be made using amalgam, a silvery metal material. Unfortunately, amalgam is very noticeable, as are traditional gold crowns. If you have old fillings that you find unsightly, a cosmetic dentist can replace them for you. Tooth-colored composite is the new gold standard in cavity filling treatment since it's invisible once in place. You can also replace old crowns with tooth-colored porcelain that no one will notice, even if you yawn with your mouth open.

2. Close unsightly gaps in your teeth.

Some people are born with gaps between their teeth, and in some cases, gaps form over time as the teeth naturally shift. Gaps are usually not a medical concern, but some people don't like the way they look. If you'd like to close a gap in your teeth, you have a few options. You can choose to get braces, which will allow your dentist to shift your teeth closer together over time. Alternatively, you may want to get dental veneers, which can give the illusion of teeth that are closer together. Veneers are thin, flat pieces of porcelain that are permanently bonded to the enamel of your teeth.

3. Restore a healthy shine.

If you feel your smile is looking yellow and dull, a cosmetic dentist can give you a professional-grade teeth whitening treatment. This treatment usually takes less than an hour, and it will allow you to walk out of the office with a brighter, shinier smile.

4. Replace missing teeth.

Dentists try to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible, but sometimes tooth extraction is unavoidable. If you're missing a tooth, you may feel embarrassed by the gap in your gumline. Rest assured that there are many options you can choose from to restore your missing teeth. You can choose to have a dental implant installed. This is a permanent tooth replacement that is functionally indistinguishable from your natural teeth once healed. If you would like something less invasive, you can choose to get dental bridges, which are attached via crowns on adjacent teeth.

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