Here's Why Brushing Hard Isn'T As Safe As You Think It Is

Posted on: 11 June 2019

Maybe you've already been told this, or maybe you've never even heard it once before, but brushing with too much pressure is bad for your teeth.  You might think that using hard pressure to brush your teeth is going to be more helpful to wear away plaque and to keep your teeth clean. Unfortunately, you're probably causing more problems for yourself then you realize. The following can help you better understand the issues with brushing too hard.

You've Done It Forever With No Problem!

Just because you've done something for a long time doesn't mean that it's harmless. Everyone starts out with a strong layer of enamel on the exterior of their teeth. In the beginning, brushing too hard will have no negative effects on you, because the toothbrush has to wear away at that enamel before anything bad can happen. You can be sure, though, that brushing hard does wear away at enamel. It will just take some time to cause the damage. So if you went through your early years of life not worrying about the pressure of your toothbrush, don't make the assumption that can last.

Your Teeth Look Fine at the Dentist's Office!

If you've seen a dentist and they haven't commented on you brushing too hard, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're okay.

Most people experience a certain amount of enamel loss over the course of their lives. You could just be in the acceptable range of enamel loss for someone your age, even if it's towards the extreme end of that range. Alternatively, your dentist may not have said anything about it because it's not currently posing a hazard to your dental health and will only do so once it worsens. In any case, if you have any doubts, ask your dentist yourself. They'll tell you that you should brush lightly with as gentle a level of pressure as you can manage.

You Use Sensitivity Toothpaste!

Lastly, you might think that if you're already using a toothpaste intended to help with sensitivity problems, then you can withstand brushing your teeth a little hard. Unfortunately, these sensitivity toothpastes are not a cure, nor will they protect you from excessive tooth brushing pressure.

Sensitivity toothpastes are designed to dull pain and sensitivity by plugging up the natural holes in teeth. This helps to prevent the nerves from being overly stimulated. However, that doesn't restore lost enamel, nor can it prevent more damage from being done to your teeth. Instead, the sensitivity toothpaste may just be masking your symptoms and preventing you from seeking help for the existing problem that you have.

Brushing too hard is something you should never do, no matter whether or not you think it's safe. Your dentist doesn't, so you shouldn't either. Get a cleaning and find out what condition your teeth are in, and start using a lighter touch when you care for your teeth. Visit this site for more dental information.