Ready For A Fresh Mouth: Getting Ready For Your Dental Cleaning

Posted on: 2 August 2019

The prevention of gum disease and cavities makes regular dental cleanings a must. Gum disease is not just damaging to your dental health but can spread to negatively affect the bones in your jaw. Left unchecked, gum disease can lessen your body's ability to fight off infections throughout your entire body. Additionally, cleanings provide you with a way to keep a check on other dental disorders which could be deadly, like oral cancer. To find out how to get ready for a cleaning, read on.

Do You Need an Antibiotic?

A healthy immune system is prepared to fight off bacteria from almost any source, including your mouth. During a cleaning, there is a slim chance that the dental instruments used could cause the usual bacteria present in your mouth to enter your bloodstream. This poses no problem for most, but some people need to take an extra step before a dental cleaning. If you have the following vulnerabilities, you might need to take an antibiotic beginning a few days before a routine visit:

Talk to Family Members

Certain dental conditions can run in families, and it can help to find out if any of them might affect you. Speak to your close family members and ask about the following:

  • Dental abscesses
  • Gingivitis and other periodontal diseases
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Cavities.

What to Expect at the Dental Office

A dental hygienist is a specifically-trained dental professional who uses various methods to ensure the health and cleanliness of the mouth. The natural buildup of tartar and plaque must be removed before they turn into something worse: cavities and disease. Some of the cleaning work is done using brushes, and some of it has to be performed by hand using sharp instruments. A cleaning may feel slightly uncomfortable but should never feel painful. If you have sensitive teeth or you know you have a cavity, be sure to let the dental hygienist know about it before they begin the cleaning.

As a bonus, your dental hygienist is more than just a teeth cleaner. They often are fonts of information about keeping your mouth healthy between cleanings and can even wield a tiny camera inside your mouth to show you what the buildup of tartar and plaque looks like in person.

To find out more about what to expect at your cleaning, speak to a general dentistry professional.