Improving The Appearance Of A Chipped Tooth

Posted on: 30 November 2019

The embarrassment of a chipped tooth that is located in the front of the mouth can lead to a large number of problems in life. For instance, getting into the habit of not smiling in an effort to keep a chipped tooth hidden can make you appear to be unfriendly or as though you are depressed. A smile can make you appear more approachable, which is important if you are single and trying to attract a partner. If you would like to improve the look of a chipped tooth, a dentist might be able to repair it by placing a dental crown over the remaining enamel. To learn more about dental crowns, continue reading this article for information that might be helpful.

Prepping a Chipped Tooth for a Crown

After your mouth has been examined and a dentist determines that a crown is a good option for repairing your chipped tooth, the procedure can take place. The dentist will begin by prepping your chipped tooth so the crown can be attached to it. Prepping will involve the outer layer of the tooth being removed, as it will help the cement used to attach the crown stick better. A drill, along with other tools, can be used to remove the outer layer of your tooth. Prepping is also necessary to ensure that the crown will actually fit over the tooth without looking unnatural.

The Affordability of Dental Crowns

It is likely that you will not have to pay the full price out of pocket for a dental crown to be attached to your chipped tooth if you have dental insurance. The full price of a dental crown can vary but can be between several hundred dollars to over a thousand. The price will depend on the clinic in which you receive services, as well as the type of crown that is being attached to your tooth. For instance, you can opt for a natural-looking material like porcelain or metal. Financing might be a good option if it is available, and you don't have insurance coverage.

Making a Crown Last for a Long Time

The duration in which a dental crown can last depends on a few things, such as the types of foods you normally eat. If you regularly eat hard foods, they can cause faster wear to the crown. However, you should expect your crown to last for numerous years after it has been attached to your tooth. Your overall dental hygiene plays a role in how long the crown will remain in good shape as well.

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